About Me

I’m a people person who builds website and application from scratch and have spent years as a programmer from a private company. I pay attention to all the details of a project and to make sure that every task is just right, but is also completed in a timely manner.

I enjoy learning new things especially in the latest technology and software development. The skillset I have now is hone by learning online and the experiences that I’ve been through.

When I was a Trade Marketing Specialist, I have learned how to handle people, implement programs, monitor key performance indicator and conduct customer visit. I have also learned the formulas in excel and I have set standard monitoring template in our company. Years after, I have shift my career that suits my profile and that is in programming. From 2013 to present I have been working as a programmer. My experience in programming sharpen my knowledge in software development and its methodologies.

And as of today, I continue to learn and implement the knowledge to my advantage.

My Expertise

  • Android Development (ADT / Xamarin)
  • VB.Net / C#.Net / ASP.Net
  • Visual Basic
  • Java
  • Turbo C / C Language
  • Assembly Language (ASM)
  • PHP / Wordpress
  • CSS / Javascript / JQuery / Bootstrap


  • Windows / Windows Mobile / Windows CE
  • Android
  • Linux


  • Microsoft SQL (MS SQL)
  • MySQL
  • Microsoft Server Compact (SDF)
  • SQLite
  • DB4O


Music - Any sort of musical outlet whether it be playing a musical instrument, mixing your own tracks, listening to your favorite genre on endless loop.

Gaming – Battlefield, Clash of Clans, Skyrim, GTA, Mafia, Dota 2, you name it. Any Console and PC games. Programmers like to think and analyze, thus games provide us outlet for that.

Sports – Basketball, Volleyball, Badminton, Believe it or not, programmers are not just a bunch of skinny nerd with glasses.

Sometimes I go to gym and press some weight